Family Law


Family Law Matters

Wagener Attorneys are available to assist you in a divorce, maintenance, child custody, or domestic violence matter.

Clients will be treated with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality due to the personal nature of such matters. You can completely be assured that your matter will be handled with care and that it is in competent and professional hands.

Family law matters often require after hours assistance and advice. As you will have personal access to Jan Wagener’s cellular phone number, you can have peace of mind regarding any emergency that could arise.

Frequently asked questions about Family Law matters:

How much does a divorce cost?

Upon request, Wagener Attorneys will provide you with their schedule of fees. You will be pleasantly surprised that Wagener Attorneys fees (which are calculated on an hourly rate) are reasonable and affordable. However, a divorce does not have a fixed fee – the cost of a divorce is dependant on the duration and complexity thereof. For example, some divorces can cost as little as R4 000.00 were the parties are totally agreeable on the matter, but costs rise where parties cannot or take longer to agree on the divorce conditions and when other matters arise within the divorce, for example, urgent interdicts or protection orders.

How long does it take to get divorced?

The duration of a divorce will depend on how easily the parties agree on the conditions of the divorce. Where the parties are agreeable and the divorce has no complexities, a divorce could be finalised in as little as 2 months. However, the average divorce, where the parties are generally agreeable, is possibly about 6 months. A complex and disagreeable divorce which goes on trial could continue for 2 years or longer. Ultimately, the agreeability of the parties determine the duration of their divorce. Regardless of the duration of the divorce, Wagener Attorneys undertake to bill in accordance with their hourly rate and avoid unnecessary file-padding which inflates the cost of a divorce. Wagener Attorneys will always endeavour to quickly settle a divorce where possible, to avoid unnecessary costs.